Do you like news? Do you like twitter?
personalNews shows your news as a timeline.
Blacklist news you don't want to read (e.g. sports)
Sources defined by you - hosted on your server!


  • Define own sources
  • Group sources by channel
  • Chronological timeline
  • Nightmode
  • Blacklisting of keywords
  • Designed to run in Vivaldi web panels
  • Runs in every other browser too
  • Perfect for mobile
desgined for vivaldi web panels
personalNews is the small panel on the left side and it's designed to run in a Vivaldi web panel
(of course, you can use it in any other browser too)

See it in action

How to install

  • Head over to github and download the repository
  • Open
    and configure your feed-sources
  • Take all files in
    and put them on your server
  • You're done!
personalNews runs perfectly on mobile
personalNews runs perfectly on mobile. I use it on a daily basis to get an overview of whats currently happening.
Do you like checking the news at night? personalNews has a nightmode!

Whats the story?

A while ago i switched to Vivaldi to use it as my main and development-browser. I instantly fell in love with webpanels and filled them with items like mobile twitter, Hacker News & Pocket.
But still one thing was missing...

On iOS it was convenient to use an app I bought on the App Store to check the latest news. Problem is, it only ran on iOS and was limited to sources, the developer integrated in it. The app was pretty nice but limited to iOS.
So one day I decided to learn and practice coding and I selected personalNews as one of my first projects. The goal was to develop something, I could use in Vivaldi webpanels and on any mobile device. It was obvious to me, that I needed a webapp to match my needs. And so the planning began.

Initial features

I want to get the news from the sources I want, not the sources some developer forced me to use. It was essential to me, the news shoudl be sorted in chronological order, not the source they came from. The reason is pretty obvious - I just neded to read the latest news.

In short it has to be like twitter - but for news. I needed the possibility to group my news by channels, to group several sources.

Very important: a nightmode! That was essential to me, because sometimes, when I wake up, I'd like to check the news too. In this situation, you don't want to stare in the bright, white light!

Last, but not least: performance. I wanted to learn Javascript and I don't want to use a framework just to have easy selectors or fancy animations. So I decided to use vanilla JS avoiding the data for some javascript framework to increase loading-performance on mobile. By the way, fancy animations can be easily done with CSS.

Ideas of new features came and went during development. I noted most of them down, so at some point, personalNews will be extended!

I really enjoy the outcome of this project and I hope, you do too!

Sincerly, Sascha